don’t wait for change,
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Through the Young Impactmakers community, Impact Hub Amsterdam, Starters4Communities and partners support talented young people who want to do good while doing business, either by starting their own impact enterprise or by collaborating with organisations working towards a better world.

Next to hosting sessions every second Tuesday of the month at the Impact Hub, Young Impactmakers gives you everything you need to take your talent and ambition to the next level – from hands-on workshops and matchmaking events, to a strong network, problem-solving power, a testing stage, bootcamps, dinners and more!

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the place to be

Every second Tuesday of the month

The Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C Amsterdam


we make impact in the following ways:

connect aspiring social entrepreneurs

There are many young people dreaming of (co)founding a social enterprise but waiting for the right idea, team, moment or the courage. The Young Impactmakers Community brings them together and lowers the hurdles to get started.

provide skills, inspiration & mindset

Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are much needed to become a successful impactmaker. Each session we help young people develop a positive mindset looking for opportunities and unexpected collaborations. Young people acquire new skills working with design tools and are inspired by speakers and peers.

strengthen career and job opportunities

It can be difficult for starting professionals to get in the picture of potential employers or contractors. During our events we connect our Impactmakers to challenging assignments from social entrepreneurs and impact driven employers. Young Impactmakers get to profile themselves not by their C.V., but by showing what they are capable of.

a community shaped by young people

The Young Impactmakers community is co-designed and co-facilitated with the young people it set out to support. The community is led by a Taskforce consisting of 4 to 6 young people who play an active role in shaping and representing the community and organising the sessions.

a community strengthening social enterprises and the ecosystem

This community builds connections between young (aspiring) Impactmakers, social enterprises and other organisations active in de social entrepreneurial scene. The evenings we create is all about sharing challenging, ideas and knowledge to find new collaborations and solutions. Each evening young Impactmakers work on a real challenge posed by social entrepreneurs. Social enterprises have the opportunity to be inspired by young minds, validate ideas, extend their networks and have new ideas and solutions generated for them.


in het kort

Starters4Communities gelooft dat bottom-up impact ondernemerschap de wereld op duurzame wijze kan veranderen. Met onze trainingen en community zijn wij dé springplank voor veranderaars die mee willen bouwen. Doordat deelnemers helpen om het concept, verdienmodel en bereik van impact projecten te versterken, zorgen we direct voor meer impact!

Wij zijn aangesloten bij Social Enterprise NL, opgenomen in het register van Code Sociale Ondernemingen en ontwikkelen al sinds 2013 erkende programma’s.