Explore the world of social entrepreneurship and find out how you can make change

What to expect?

Tools and know-how to become a social entrepreneur. Four days full of workshops, masterclasses, co-creation sessions, networking, 1-on-1 consultancy and inspirational sessions. Join and learn about Design Thinking, the Business Model Canvas, community building, fundraising, experimenting and Theory of Change.

Who are you?

The bootcamp is for young impactmakers who are interested in social entrepreneurship (starting your own company) or intrapreneurship (driving innovation within a company). It doesn’t matter if you don’t have entrepreneurial experience- what matters is your passion for change!

Who are we?

We are Young Impactmakers. Under this umbrella Impact Hub Amsterdam and Starters4Communities support (young) people who want to have a meaningful career with positive impact for society. Young people are enabled, inspired and connected to start their own social enterprise or tackle challenges posed by social organisations and entrepreneurs. The community provide inspiration, networks, problem solving power, a testing stage and skills development. All these elements will be covered during the bootcamp!

Why we do what we do?

Because we thrive to strengthen the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem for young people.


Date: 23 – 26 August

Time:  from 9:30 am – 5pm

Location: The Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C Amsterdam

Costs: €320 excl tax (€387 incl. tax)

Detailed program

Social Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking

Social Entrepreneurship: This training focuses on the concept of social entrepreneurship, points of discussion, trends, developments and threats in the sector. You will be presented with inspiring examples, and we will show you what opportunities may lie ahead.

Design Thinking: You will learn the Design Thinking principles, and master its various tools. The training covers how to measure existing needs, and how to build a prototype that uncovers valuable discoveries, that can teach you crucial lessons.

Theory of Change & Experimenting

Theory of Change: Wanting to make impact is what distinguishes a social enterprise from any other. But what does impact look like? We give you tools to map societal change. It will help you determine a vision, to identify long term goals and the direct impact you want to make.

Experimenting: Once you have insights in the needs of your users, you will need to test whether your “solution” is the right one. You don’t want to spend time, money and energy building a product or service people are not interested in it. You will learn how to test your ideas by running experiments.

Business Model Canvas and Innovation

We will introduce you to the Business Model Canvas, and various innovative techniques to achieve a new business model. You will learn about the many different inspiring ways in which you can set up an impactful and financially stable business model.

Community Building & Fundraising

Community Building: How do you create real ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who want to be connected to you and are willing to support you and spread your story. How can you build and maintain an active community, and how can this community contribute to your purpose as an organization?

Fundraising: How are social enterprises financed? Which possibilities lie ahead to start your company, and how can they help you grow? We will take a look into the world of fundraising, through ambassadors and partners.