Can profitable business models and making real impact go together? How can we find the sweet spot to transform from hobby to business? How can we realize sustainable financial solutions and let impact projects grow?

Today’s world is filled with young and socially-minded professionals. We busy bees are buzzing our way from project to project to make the world a better place. Dedication and ambition are surely not lacking. However, many of us are struggling to earn their money doing what they love.

During this Young Changemakers event you will learn using the Business Model Canvas as a tool to help us move towards sustainable business!


• Tuesday 13th Februari
Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C
• 6.45pm registration
• Programme runs from 7pm – 9pm + drinks
Free event – Register here!

What’s in it for you?
We will get our hands dirty, as we will learn by doing. You will learn all about the lifesaving tool called the Business Model Canvas, dive into a social impact case of ‘Netwerk Amsterdamse Helden’, work in teams with like-minded people and be a true Changemaker for the night.

About the trainer

Evan van der Holst – Evan works at the Impact Hub as Program Manager and Trainer. He’s known for Impact Hub’s very own training program ‘Business Model Challenge’. Evan is crazy about social enterprises and always looking for the best ways to have impact. He is an idealistic philosopher and a realistic project manager at the same time, and loves helping socially engaged people grow.

The Young Changemakers Community
Starters4Communities , Impact Hub Amsterdam and partners host a Young Changemakers Community for students and graduates who want to kick-start or advance an impact driven career. The community enables, inspires and connects young people to learn and grow as changemakers.

There are events at the Impact HUB Amsterdam on the second Tuesday of every month.

We start the event with a short workshop in the business model canvas and work an the business model of Amsterdamse Helden.

Amsterdamse Helden will share there inspiring and present a challenge.

We put our brilliant minds together to help create solutions.

We end the evening with drinks, networking and reflect on the lessons learned.

Why join?
Discover a practical tool Get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers. And have a good time!

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