Our city is great and growing, but is it also green enough? How can we become more sustainable? Can we make more conscious decisions in our daily life? And most of all, how can we use technology to accomplish a greener city for its current & future residents?

With growing technological knowledge and possibilities, different answers to all these questions pop up. Entrepreneurs across industries are working hard to create a brighter and cleaner future for our city. At this Young Changemakers event a few selected entrepreneurs will share some of the challenges they face. Together we explore creative solutions in an interactive co-creation session. Will you share your brilliant mind and help these entrepreneurs grow?

Green City Challenge – Young Changemakers Community #7

Following entreprises will present their vision for our future cities and post a challenge for the participants.

De Ceuvel is a city playground for innovation and creativity. An experiment in which we try to make sustainability tangible, understandable and fun. We love to share our knowledge and hope that it will grow and multiply.

Let it Grow believes in the value of plants and flowers to ensure happier and healthier city living.

De Gezonde Stad connects the power of residents, companies and government to make Amsterdam healthier. A healthy city is future proof, sustainable, enjoyable and smart. To reach this ideal city we need practical applicable solutions.

Riverfood grows ultra fresh, healthy and high quality fruit, vegetables and fish chosen by you and grown for you!

We start the event with inspiring stories from various entrepreneurs who are working hard to create a brighter and cleaner future for our city.

We put our brilliant minds together to help these entrepreneurs move forward.

We end the evening with drinks, networking and reflect on the lessons we learned.

Why join?
To get inspired and to learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers. And to have a good time!

Register via the link below and follow the Facebook event for updates
Free event! Klick here to register